My reports from the ISWC 2007 and Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo

I’ve written some summaries / transcripts of talks I attended at the recent 6th International Semantic Web Conference in Korea and also the 1st Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo event.

International Semantic Web Conference

Perhaps even better than my transcripts (if you have time) are the video captures of the invited talks, available at Brewster Kahle, Barney Pell, and Chris Welty (which I missed myself).

Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo

You can also read some other reports from Web 2.0 Expo Tokyo by Rob Cawte (1, 2), Daniel Goldman (1), John Mettraux (1), Yuki Naotori (1), Robert Sanzalone (1, 2), Serkan Toto (1), Nasir Sobri (1, 2) and the rest of the IDD / TeDD team (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). There’s also a short video capture of the end of Evan Williams’ conversation with Tim O’Reilly on YouTube.