Shopkick: Earn Redeemable ‘Kickbucks’ [VIDEO]

When you enter a shop that is using the shopkick platform your phone, iPhone or Android, detects the shopkick device and you earn ‘kickbucks.’

These points or credits can be used to redeem rewards not only in the store but Facebook credits as well.

Report by Ina O’Murchu

Rich Moran discussing Genius Clusters [VIDEO]

Transcript of Rich Moran sharing his thoughts on how Genius Clusters might work.

My name is Rich Moran. This is my dog, Reilly.

Reilly, look over here because you’re part of this. I wanted to talk about genius clusters. They are getting a lot of attention. I wrote a Technology Voice article about it. A lot of people have written to me and wanted to talk further about it.

Some of the people in Ireland have mentioned that we don’t need genius clusters. What we need is to prevent any stupid clusters. I don’t want to talk about that so much as I want talk about more ideas about genius clusters.

Reilly is actually a genius. He’s one of the smartest people I know. He just doesn’t talk very much but he’d be in my genius cluster.

So, I have an idea and here’s the idea. I know how busy the government is; dealing with pensions and cost-cutting and EU and bankers and lots of things like that. So, I intend to leave the government entirely out of genius clusters.

What I want to do is start a parallel universe. In this parallel universe there is no government involvement at all. There’s just a lot of smart people getting together and creating clusters. It might be startups, it might be spin-outs, it might be out of the university system but it is not part of the government.

My idea for genius clusters is to be part of this, (aside to Reilly; there’s all sorts of people walking around here.) Is to be part of the Irish innovation world that is unencumbered, that is full of life, that is full of ideas, full of interesting people that want to help the country, who want to build companies and might want to make a lot of money.

So, a genius cluster: If I was going to start one, I might with…maybe in Ireland it would be Liam Neeson. Because he seems to be a guy who gets a lot of things done. Every movie I see with him he not only has a lot of ideas but, sorta, knows how to get to the crux of the matter that the right things happen.

So, my genius cluster might include him because he gets things done.

I would probably add some people who are under 30 years old in my genius cluster. I bet Ireland is full of them in universities and in pubs and in lots of other places, who have big ideas, who want to get things done and don’t want to be encumbered by all the typical constraints of today. They are just interested in being in this parallel universe.

So, let’s create this parallel universe. Let’s create some genius clusters. I am wide open to ideas. I am open to coming over there and being a leader of a genius cluster. I’ll bring Reilly with me but what I don’t want to do is get stuck in the mud like it seems we are right now.

So, let’s create this parallel universe. Let’s create some genius clusters.

I’m Rich Moran, this is Reilly.

To participate more or perhaps create a genius cluster of your own you can join the Genius Clusters Facebook page.

You can follow Rich on Twitter

Mindfield Festival of Ideas & Interview with Sugru Inventor [VIDEO]

Ellen Dudley is a co-Founder of Crowdscanner — “Turning networking into people discovery.” You can read more about the work of Crowdscanner at “Social Devices Become Social Themselves.”

You can also read more about Jane’s work at “Sugru: A Wonder Stuff for Hacking Things Better.”

Ellen is interviewed in this video of a hackquarium. A workshop where people can come together to explore the possibilities of Sugru.