Flipboard: A Quick Demonstration

Click on image to view video.

We made the short video above to demonstrate the wonders of Flipboard, a free app for the iPad. It has revolutionised the way I gain access to my social media channels to the point that if Flipboard isn’t to hand I simply don’t bother. Normal apps like TweetDeck and Nambu now seem so utilitarian and dull in comparison.

Apart from being very beautiful and extraordinarily elegant to use, it has added an entirely new dimension of relevance to my Twitter stream and status updates. It opens the links that are contained in the timelines I follow and renders them, text and images, onto a page in a very newspaper-like style. As you browse through the pages, the layouts vary so you never get bored with the sameness of a given pagination.

You can skip and skim topics or you can go right down to the original linking site itself.

It is one of the most workable apps that I have ever come across, and I so wish others would put this much attention to detail into their work and make using the actual application itself so enjoyable.

The publicity describes it as a “personalised social magazine” and that is a fairly accurate description. But it doesn’t capture the living dynamic of the form. Everytime you access Flipboard, you access a world different to the one previously visited. When you have been reading a while and flip back to the front, it is as though a new adventure has started all over again right in front of your eyes.

Worth robbing banks for.