AIB Announce Five Year Partnership with Galway City Innovation District

AIB has announced a five year partnership with Galway City Innovation District (GCID), a new initiative supporting startups and business innovation in Galway City and the West of Ireland. The initiative brings together Galway Chamber of Commerce, Galway City Council, NUI Galway and GMIT to form the GCID.

Initially AIB is sponsoring the PorterShed, the first building to be opened as part of the GCID initiative, which is located close to Eyre Square. The PorterShed will house an accelerator program, high potential startups and entrepreneurs, as well as providing coworking space and an open area for workshops and seminars. It is expected to open early next year.

Additional buildings are due to open over time, and it is envisaged that this innovation district could eventually support up to 20,000 workers. The innovation district is expected to be similar to Dublin’s so-called ‘Silicon Docks’ area where companies such as Google and Facebook are based.

The PorterShed was once used as a Guinness storehouse, and is located on CIE land at the back of Ceannt Station. It will have capacity for 85 workers, and it is also hoped it will encourage more multinationals to establish a base in Galway.

Announcing this key partnership for AIB at the Venture West Conference, AIB CEO Bernard Byrne, said: “Developing an innovation district in the heart of Galway can serve as a catalyst for high growth companies, and is a model that worked in other cities such as Boston. This will help address the economic imbalance between the West of Ireland and the East coast.

“The Galway City Innovation District is the first part of an ambitious plan to support the growth and development of innovative companies across the West of Ireland. AIB is delighted to be involved in the development of this new innovation district for Galway and the West of Ireland.”

According to the President of Galway Chamber, Frank Greene, the Galway City Innovation District will be a driver of new enterprise and commercial activity in Galway City and ultimately in the county and region.

“This cluster of entrepreneurs, startups, accelerators and incubators will nurture collaboration and knowledge sharing. Galway Chamber, with our partners, is proud to be an initiator of the GCID which, by creating jobs, will also increase the need for services and in turn, further increase employment,” he said.

Maurice O’Gorman, council member of Galway Chamber and board member of the Galway City Innovation District said: “Commencement of work on the PorterShed is a significant milestone in the implementation of our vision for a downtown city innovation hub, which will attract young technology companies with strong growth potential, including many of our existing superstars.”

Dr John Breslin, senior lecturer at NUI Galway and also a board member of GCID added: “We also want to provide a place where incoming tech companies and investors visiting Galway can have a visitor’s seat and can network with some of the best companies that the West has to offer. This is an ideal location for attracting visiting companies and for giving them a feel for what it would be like to be based here: close to transport, cafés and restaurants, and everything else that downtown Galway has to offer.”

35 Events are Lined Up for the Startup Gathering in Galway Next Week: Here’s the List!

Startup Weekend Galway

18:30 on 02/10/2015 in GMIT, Dublin Road, Galway

Developers, designers and business development folks will come together to pitch an idea and launch a business, all in one weekend!

Register at

Organised by Startup Weekend Galway

Startups: How To Launch?

14:00 on 05/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Learn from Declan Droney, CEO of Kinvara Smoked Salmon on how to launch a startup. Advice on all aspects of setting up a business, helping the nascent, aspirational and seasoned entrepreneur to start, scale and succeed.

Organised by Bank of Ireland

Female Founders: East Side Story

07:45 on 06/10/2015 in Galway Technology Centre, Mervue Business Park, Wellpark Road, Galway

Leading female business leaders from Galway and surrounding areas share their business experiences, whilst also discussing the support they have received from various networks and structures (such as GTC) which have led to their business success.

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Organised by Bank of Ireland

Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship

14:00 on 06/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Digital marketing and entrepreneurship session with Ashlee Chin, Events Manager for OMIG (Online Marketing in Galway).

Organised by Bank of Ireland

Speed Networking with Ibec

08:00 on 07/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

This speed networking event provides a great opportunity to increase your network, forge new connections in your local area, and build awareness for your business.

Register at

Organised by Bank of Ireland and Ibec

Interactive Workshop on “From Concept to Commercialisation”

15:00 on 07/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

A practical workshop on the key milestones for your initial product/service idea all the way through to market launch.

Register at

Organised by IMS Marketing


19:00 on 07/10/2015 in Monroe’s Upstairs, 14 Dominick Street Upper, Galway

Featuring leading tech startups from Galway showcasing their products at the expo, “Ted Talk”-style speakers on thought-provoking topics, and an interactive technology awards night covering the West of Ireland.

Register at

Organised by JCI Galway

5 Steps To Creating a Marketing Asset and Networking

07:00 on 08/10/2015 in Unit 14, Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Galway

Providing entrepreneurs with a place and environment where they can take time out to think about their business, share ideas, learn from each other, build connections and grow. Also showing them how to use direct response marketing to get more customers.

Register at

Organised by GKIC Ireland

Building your Personal Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

13:00 on 08/10/2015 in StartX6, 16 Mary Street, Galway

Panel discussion and meetup with experienced information entrepreneurs and mentors to learn how to build your own support network to boost your personal entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Organised by StartX6

The Right Tool, The Right Job

13:00 on 08/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

This workshop, run in a crowd format, is about solving and expanding your set of tools to succeed with your business and profession. Examples covered are BuzzSumo,, OnePageCRM, Element Wave, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Tool, Evernote, App Annie, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Register at

Organised by Chris Mortimer

Right from the Start: Startup Stories

18:30 on 08/10/2015 in Innovation Hub, GMIT, Dublin Road, Galway

Join us for an evening of colourful startup stories from successful entrepreneurs based in GMIT’s Innovation Hub in Galway: Kevin McCaffrey, Founder of Tr3dent; Brendan McLaughlin, CEO of Capsos Medical. A networking opportunity to meet other GMIT Innovation Hub companies, staff, members of Galway Chamber will take place afterwards.

Register at

Organised by Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

Mindful Way Conference

09:15 on 09/10/2015 in ILAS Building, North Campus, NUI Galway, Galway

This conference aims to bring mindfulness visionaries, higher education leaders and university students and staff together to share the evidence-based impact of mindfulness on performance, wellbeing, entrepreneurship and society. Keynote speakers include Alfert Tolle, Director of Google’s Nordics LCS in Dublin.

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Organised by NUI Galway

Going International

09:30 on 09/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

“Going International” will feature 4-5 WestBIC startup companies who will share their experiences on establishing an international presence. There will also be a keynote from an established entrepreneur with success in international trading, sharing the highs and lows of breaking into international markets.

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Organised by WestBIC

Public Procurement for SMEs

09:30 on 09/10/2015 in Harbour Hotel, New Dock Road, Galway

A public procurement workshop for SMEs, describing how a small business can compete and win in both national and international procurement processes.

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Organised by Galway Local Enterprise Office

Social Bootcamp Galway (Morning)

09:30 on 09/10/2015 in Clayton Hotel Galway, Ballybrit, Galway

A half day of social media training for small businesses who need to quickly learn how to use social media to grow their business. Featuring well-known journalist Conor Pope and Spark Digital owner Felicity McCarthy.

Register at

Organised by Spark Digital and Conor Pope

Horse Sense for Business People Workshop

10:00 on 09/10/2015 in Rockmount Equestrian Centre, Rockmount, Claregalway

Horse Sense for Business People is a new, exciting and effective way to cut straight to the heart of any business issues and find real solution-focussed answers in the presence of a horse! Equine-facilitated learning is recognised globally as a powerful and experiential tool that very quickly breaks down barriers and changes behavioural patterns.

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Organised by Horses Connect Enterprises Ltd.

Social Enterprise: A Success Story

10:00 on 09/10/2015 in SCCUL Enterprise Centre, Ballybane, Galway

Featuring three previous SCCUL awards winners who have developed award-winning social enterprises based in Galway. Share in their success stories, engage in questions and answers, and network post event.

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Organised by SCCUL Enterprises

Startup Galway Pitches Meetup

13:00 on 09/10/2015 in Galway Technology Centre, Mervue Business Park, Galway

6-8 companies will pitch in front of an expert panel and compete for a range of prizes. Lunch and networking will follow.

Register at

Organised by Galway Technology Centre and Startup Galway Pitches Meetup

StartGalway Portumna

13:00 on 09/10/2015 in The Hub, St. Brendan’s Street, Portumna

Open clinic with startup mentors, panel discussions on topics relating to starting your own business, and a startup hackathon.

Register at

Organised by Evert Bopp

Student Entrepreneurship Structures on the Way for NUI Galway: MakerSpace, Blackstone LaunchPad, and More

13:00 on 09/10/2015 in Library, NUI Galway, University Road, Galway

This event previews and introduces student entrepreneurship structures on the way for NUI Galway. This event is only for staff and students of the University. You need a valid student or staff card to enter the venue. Introduction to student entrepreneurship in NUI Galway, the NUI Galway MakerSpace, Blackstone LaunchPad, demos and tour.

Register at

Organised by NUI Galway

Design Your Future: From Young Researcher to Medical Device Entrepreneur

13:15 on 09/10/2015 in CÚRAM, Biosciences Research Building, NUI Galway

The purpose of the event is to promote entrepreneurship as a career path to researchers at different stages of their career, and is an opportunity to help young scientists in their career development and offer them an interdisciplinary discussion forum within an exclusive circle. Speakers include John Power, CEO of Aerogen, and Evelyn O’Toole, Founder of CLS.

Register at

Organised by CÚRAM Centre for Research in Medical Devices

Enterprise Ireland Supports for Startups in the West Region

13:15, 14:15, 15:15 on 09/10/2015 in Enterprise Ireland West Region Office, Mervue Business Park, Galway

Three briefings on Enterprise Ireland supports for startups in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. These briefings will be of particular value to people thinking of starting an innovation-led business in manufacturing or internationally traded services. Business professionals who want to appraise themselves of current supports are also welcome.

Register at

Organised by Enterprise Ireland – West Region

Medical Device Innovation: Entrepreneur and Intrapreneur Training

14:00 on 09/10/2015 in BioInnovate Ireland, Block E, NUI Galway

BioInnovate Ireland is a forum which combines resources to catalyse and lead medical innovation by delivering the next generation of specially trained fellows and skilled graduates to the medtech market place. This seminar will discuss the BioInnovate programme and outputs.

Organised by BioInnovate Ireland

HR Forum for Business

14:30 on 09/10/2015 in Meyrick Hotel, Eyre Square, Galway

“Startups: Critical Aspects of Employment Law” is for employers, business owners and HR professionals. This will encompass the key HR practices that startups need to be aware of as a new business. It is an opportunity to listen and learn from Ibec practitioners about the implications of legislation on an organisation.

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Organised by Ibec

Patents Workshop: Building a Business on Your Ideas

14:00 on 09/10/2015 in Harbour Hotel, New Dock Road, Galway

This seminar, aimed at small business-owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and startup companies, will provide an insight into what patents, trademarks and industrial designs are, how they should be managed, and how awareness of IP rights can assist in converting an idea into a business opportunity (while being mindful of due diligence considerations).

Register at

Organised by Galway Local Enterprise Office and Irish Patents Office

Presentation Skills and Elevator Pitch Seminar

14:00 on 09/10/2015 in Pillo Hotel, Headford Road, Galway

Session for participants to assess professional presentations, where TED presentations are viewed on screen, and an assessment draws out the principles of effective communication. The main points of an elevator pitch are discussed, with example pitches viewed and assessed.

Register with using the subject Startup Gathering 2015

Organised by ITAG

Social Bootcamp Galway (Afternoon)

14:00 on 09/10/2015 in Clayton Hotel Galway, Ballybrit, Galway

A half day of social media training for small businesses who need to quickly learn how to use social media to grow their business. Featuring well-known journalist Conor Pope and Spark Digital owner Felicity McCarthy.

Register at

Organised by Spark Digital and Conor Pope

Digi for Business

14:00 on 09/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

A Bank of Ireland representative will lead the discussion on how best to utilise digital platforms to maximise your business output, ensuring your business is digital savvy, and being prepared for ever changing buyer behaviour.

Organised by Bank of Ireland

An Afternoon for Startups at the Workbench for Startups

15:00 on 09/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Taking place in the customised, bespoke workspace that is Workbench Galway, a panel discussion featuring startups from a variety of sectors and industries providing real-life stories and insights on how they designed, delivered and built their businesses.

Organised by Bank of Ireland

ISA TechBrew

16:00 on 09/10/2015 in Electric Galway, Abbeygate Street Upper, Galway

ISA TechBrew is an informal gathering of software company management and technology leaders, getting together to chat over a bite and a beer. Under the topic “Startups: Three Customers is Not a Business: Pivot, Persevere or Pack-It-Up”, this event is for leaders, investors and advisors in tech companies. Mic FitzGerald from OnePageCRM will speak.

Register at

Organised by Irish Software Association and Ibec

Cloud Computing

16:30 on 09/10/2015 in Bank of Ireland Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Taking the mystery out of cloud computing, industry experts will discuss and explain cloud computing, and how it can benefit your business.

Organised by Bank of Ireland

Galway 2020

18:00 on 09/10/2015 in Bank of Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Galway is bidding to become the European Capital of Culture 2020. This presentation will give you insights into the programme designed to achieve this vision, why Galway, and how you can get involved!

Organised by Bank of Ireland and Galway 2020

Data: Insight / Power Of The Big Data

19:00 on 09/10/2015 in Workbench, Mainguard Street, Galway

Olivier Van Parys, Head of Analytics at Bank of Ireland, provides advice on the importance of data to a company at different stages of their growth, and how it can to utilised to deliver bottom-line results to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Organised by Bank of Ireland


20:00 on 09/10/2015 in a venue to be confirmed

A place for early stage startups to demo, showcase and pitch their companies to a friendly crowd and network with founders, developers, marketers and investors.

Register at

Organised by Ex Ordo


17:00 on 10/10/2015 in a venue to be confirmed

This will bring together startups, SMEs and corporates to address specific members’ issues in a peer-to-peer learning environment.

Register at

Organised by Shadowplay