Technology Voice – Episode 10

00:00:11 Introduction

  • John Breslin @johnbreslin,
  • Fergal Gallagher @gallagherfergal
  • Marie Boran @pixievondust
  • Andrii Degeler @shlema
  • Tom Murphy @tom_murphy
  • and Jack Harty

00:02:08 Pocket Anatomy
00:06:42 Antivirus-Symantec
00:10:58 Watson – Debate Function
Monty Python Argument Clinic
00:13:21 Vkontakte
00:19:10 John discussing opportunity for European social network.
00:20:12 Ali Baba Sale
00:23:13 Biz Stone Part One
00:30:40 Jack Harty Re: Gately & Cunningham “The Contributions and Disconnections Between Writing a Business Plan and the Start-Up Process for Incubator Technology Entrepreneurs”
00:44:16 eCars
00:49:51 3D printing pen
00:52:41 Smart Bikes
00:55:00 Neuromorphic Chips
00:57:11 Oculus Rift Finance
00:59:54 Battery Charger
01:04:10 Biz Stone Part Two
01:10:48 Rails Girls Galway
01:11:27 StartApp Competition
01:12:54 End Show
01:13:24 End Music

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