Galway is the San Francisco to Dublin’s Silicon Valley

Galway Tech Map. Click here for a larger 1280×720 version. Background is from OpenStreetMap and some logos are from Wikipedia.

Barry O’Sullivan, CEO of Altocloud and investor on RTÉ’s Dragon’s Den, remarked to me recently that if Dublin is becoming the new Silicon Valley of Ireland and Europe, then Galway is our San Francisco. At Technology Voice, we’ve long held the opinion that Galway is a mini San Francisco, and recently the Financial Times’ FDi Magazine ranked Galway as the top microcity for investment in Europe.

Galway is becoming a global tech hub with a focus around the ICT (software/hardware/Internet) and biotech segments. Tech startups like OnePageCRM, Ex Ordo, Element Wave, Duolog, Netfort, BuilderEngine, Pocket Anatomy (winner of The Next Web top startup award), Altocloud, SpamTitan, RealSim, Tribal City Interactive and are in close proximity to larger companies like DigitalOptics Corporation, Cisco, HP, Avaya, SAP, IBM and EA.

At Technology Voice, and inspired by Dublin Tech Town, we’re delighted to bring you the first version of our Galway Tech Map that shows at least part of the vibrant tech ecosystem in Galway. And if your organisation isn’t on the map, you can download a copy and create your own version as we have released it under the Creative Commons By Attribution Share Alike license. [Available in SVG, PNG, PDF, PDF A4, EPS and AI formats.]

Galway is also home to a range of biotech and medtech companies including Algae Health, Anecto, Apica, Boston Scientific, Cappella Medical, Creganna, Crospon, Full Health Medical, Lake Region Medical, Medtronic, neoSurgical, Neuravi, Novate Medical and Veryan Medical. (We are hoping that someone will take our map and make a new version highlighting the impressive biomedical/health/devices sector in Galway.)

Galway is a small city; there are at last count around 76,000 residents in the urban area. It is small enough that you can get your mind around the whole place but big enough to be interesting. The National University of Ireland Galway is located right in the middle of town, and the 19,000 students, faculty, and staff comprise about 25 percent of the population of Galway. Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology accounts for an additional 7,500 students in the city.

The presence of several national research labs, including the Insight Centre for Data Analytics (formerly DERI) and the Irish Marine Institute, adds nicely to the number of PhDs and researchers around.

Essentially, Galway is a college town, full of smart, independently-minded and intellectually-curious people.

Technology Voice – Episode 10

00:00:11 Introduction

  • John Breslin @johnbreslin,
  • Fergal Gallagher @gallagherfergal
  • Marie Boran @pixievondust
  • Andrii Degeler @shlema
  • Tom Murphy @tom_murphy
  • and Jack Harty

00:02:08 Pocket Anatomy
00:06:42 Antivirus-Symantec
00:10:58 Watson – Debate Function
Monty Python Argument Clinic
00:13:21 Vkontakte
00:19:10 John discussing opportunity for European social network.
00:20:12 Ali Baba Sale
00:23:13 Biz Stone Part One
00:30:40 Jack Harty Re: Gately & Cunningham “The Contributions and Disconnections Between Writing a Business Plan and the Start-Up Process for Incubator Technology Entrepreneurs”
00:44:16 eCars
00:49:51 3D printing pen
00:52:41 Smart Bikes
00:55:00 Neuromorphic Chips
00:57:11 Oculus Rift Finance
00:59:54 Battery Charger
01:04:10 Biz Stone Part Two
01:10:48 Rails Girls Galway
01:11:27 StartApp Competition
01:12:54 End Show
01:13:24 End Music