Episode #5: Does It Rain on Mars?

Hosts: John Breslin, Marie Boran, Fergal Gallagher and Tom Murphy.

A one-way ticket to Mars, sociometrics, how tech is changing the way we buy books, Jeff Bezos buys the Post, growing the European app economy, hyperloop with Dr Eoghan Clifford, Chromecast, UPC Horizon, Google Fiber, Rubbee, intercepting Gmail, and more.

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Running time: 1:00:00

00:30 Introduction by John Breslin @johnbreslin
–:– Marie Boran @pixievondust
–:– Fergal Gallagher
–:– Tom Murphy @poweredbygenius
01:15 Ads
–:– StreamGlider http://streamglider.com/
–:– Seevl http://seevl.net/
01:45 Topical news
–:– A one-way ticket to Mars
05:39 Sociometrics
11:50 How technology is changing the way we buy books
18:00 Jeff Bezos buys the Post
24:42 Growing the EU app economy http://eurapp.eu/
–:– Martin Hahn, European Commission
–:– David Card, VP of Research, GigaOM
–:– Mark Mulligan, Midia Consulting
–:– Kevin Mobbs, InnoCentive
–:– Kumardev Chatterjee, President and Founder, EYIF
32:53 Cool tech
–:– Hyperloop discussion with Dr Eoghan Clifford http://www.irishtimes.com/business/sectors/technology/hyperloop-pod-speeds-into-the-popular-mind-1.1493262
37:25 Chromecast
43:24 UPC Horizon
46:45 Google Fiber
53:20 Rubbee http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732543648/rubbee-the-electric-drive-for-bicycles
54:49 Intercepting your Gmail messages
57:50 Upcoming events
–:– Hacks and Hackers Dublin http://hujo.deri.ie/
–:– Eurapp innovation challenges http://eurapp.eu/competitions/

Special thanks to Flirt FM http://www.flirtfm.ie
Intro/outro music is “Alone But Not Lonely” by Stefan Ternemar http://archive.org/details/mtk121
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