Our Top 10 List of Eye-Catching European App Companies

Based on LivingTheBrand.com‘s data, there are roughly 30,000,000 apps downloaded on a daily basis worldwide. Among the popular apps, western-European gaming applications have taken many of the top spots in the app market. It is with this inspiration that the European Commission decided to launch the Eurapp project. The project aims to help entrepreneurs gain a foothold in maintaining and expanding their businesses in the app development industry, not just on the continent, but globally as well. In this article, we have listed the top companies in the European region that caught our eye. Their impressive popularity, success and list of well-known clients are some of the reasons why they made it onto our top 10 roundup.

  1. Rovio in Espoo, Finland. This is company responsible for bringing us the game Angry Birds in 2009. They made it onto our list because their popular app is so cool and informative, that teachers have even used it in their math classes so that students can easily learn concepts like trajectory, angles and acceleration. This game was also the inspiration for sixth-grade representatives of the Bronx Academy of Promise who developed the Greek myth-based “Quest Math” (one of the winners in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge).
    Reason for Recommendation: Their success is worth recognising from building a simple game application to its use as an educational one. There seems to be nothing that can stop Rovio from throwing in fresh ideas every day.

  2. Supercell Oy in Helsinki, Finland is a newcomer in the field. However, Hay Day and Clash of Clans are already making waves in the App Store. According to Forbes’ report, they make $2.4 million every day from their 8.5 million players worldwide. Hay Day can now be played on Facebook, which means even more money for the Supercell Oy company.
    Reason for Recommendation: They made it to our list because firstly, they’ve developed some cool games and secondly, for a young company, their daily income is quite astonishing.

  3. Ukraine-based Mobiwolf has received many accolades for their entry in the international developers contest Apps4All in Moscow. Their winning app was the “Whiz Kid” application designed for interactive fun between parent and child.
    Reason for Recommendation: Not all companies are recognised by a prestigious organisation. So for winning an international developers award, they made it onto our top 10 list.

  4. Gameloft in Paris, France was founded in 1999. Their performance on the app market is really a source of inspiration for young entrepreneurs. With only 14 years under their belt, the company has produced many noteworthy games including a version of Disney’s Monsters University, Iron Man 3 and GT Racing 2.
    Reason for Recommendation: There are few app developer companies that are as popular as Gameloft. We can expect many more infamous titles such as Minion Rush to come from this French company.

  5. For the audiophiles, Image Line from Belgium is a familiar name. They are the people behind FL Studio Mobile, which is a tool to create superb beats using keyboards and other instruments. Their success is really worth recognising. For those planning to venture into app development, we heard they’re also expanding.
    Reason for Recommendation: They made sweet music with their success. Image Line is a blossoming company that requires more idealistic developers to join their team. Maybe you will fit in?

  6. From Ghent, Belgium, TapCrowd is known for their popular clients. They have created apps for businesses, brands, as well as event organisers and their mobile communication needs. Their portfolio is composed of the Cactus Festival event app, automotive apps for brands like BMW, a retail app for Perrier called the Perrier Fresh Club, as well as other government and non-profit organisation apps like Mobile Monday for Mobile Monday Brussels.
    Reason for Recommendation: TapCrowd has rubbed shoulders with some of the most famous brands on the market. Success has been part of their daily game and with such a high standard for excellence, we dub thee a part of our top 10 list.

  7. MADbus, RAEplus and BCNbus app developer MAD Ideas based in Madrid, Spain has created different transport-related mobile software. Practical apps like the aforementioned placed MAD Ideas on our radar because of the help they extend to commuters and the transport sector.
    Reason for Recommendation: Ever wonder how transportation has been made easier with mobile applications? Thank MAD Ideas for their bright ideas of coming up with a solution to our transportation needs.

  8. Thumb-saver SwiftKey is headquartered in Southwark, Central London. A post on BriefMobile said this Android keyboard app is used mostly in the United States. The functionality of this alternative QWERTY keyboard made its way to our top 10 because it helps reduce typo errors, especially for those who have big fingertips!
    Reason for Recommendation: Successful applications solve a market’s demand and need. SwiftKey has brought an end to our mobile typing horror days over with their predictive text system. Less typo errors for all of us.

  9. In 2006, Golden Gekko was founded in London, United Kingdom. Their remarkable resume of mobile apps for names like Universal Pictures with their “Despicable Me: Zap a Minion App” gives it a place on our list.
    Reason for Recommendation: If you can lock-in big brands such as Universal Pictures, then you definitely have a place in our hearts.

  10. Another top UK company in the list is Portable Pixels based in London. What gained them a spot on our list is their impressive roster of clients including Alfa Romeo, Audi and HTC, amongst others.
    Reason for Recommendation: It’s the battle of the clients for developers and it seems Portable Pixels have scored some of the biggest on the market.

These companies have contributed more than just apps to entertain people. They have also laid a new pathway for entrepreneurs to explore. If you’re an app developer looking for the best company to join, then we recommend you try out with the above businesses. If there are other companies you think should be included in our list, feel free to leave us a comment. We’ll consider it on our next roundup.

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