Episode #4: 091 Heatwave

Hosts: John Breslin, Marie Boran, Fergal Gallagher and Tom Murphy.

Doug Engelbart obituary, 3D printing, Bitcoin and the Winklevii, Bebo buyback, interview with Padraic Harley from 091 Labs, national broadband plan for Ireland, Philips Hue, Nokia Lumia 1020, Webseam, and more.

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Running time: 1:10:00

00:42 Introduction by John Breslin @johnbreslin
01:16 Marie Boran @pixievondust
–:– Fergal Gallagher @gallagherfergal
–:– Tom Murphy @tom_murphy
01:32 Ads
–:– StreamGlider http://streamglider.com
–:– Seevl http://seevl.net/
02:04 Topical news
–:– Doug Engelbart obituary http://sloan.stanford.edu/mousesite/1968Demo.html
12:52 3D printing http://www.maplin.co.uk/3d-printer
22:18 Bitcoin and the Winklevoss twins http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-23140904
27:03 Bebo buyback http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2013/jul/02/bebo-founder-buys-back-site
31:27 Interview with Padraic Harley, Chairman of 091 Labs http://091labs.com
42:10 Another national broadband plan for Ireland http://tch.vc/nationalbroadbandplan
51:37 Cool tech
–:– CloudDock http://twitter.com/TheCloudDock
–:– SixMinute http://www.sixminute.com/
54:12 Philips Hue connected bulb https://www.meethue.com/
59:12 Nokia Lumia 1020 http://www.nokia.com/global/products/phone/lumia1020/
61:38 Webseam http://www.webseam.com/
63:13 Upcoming events
–:– Free legal and business workshop http://www.meetup.com/Legalworkshopsdublin/events/126249792/
–:– CoderDojo Coolest Projects http://coolestprojects.org/
–:– Hacks and Hackers Dublin http://hujo.deri.ie/
–:– National survey of Irish journalists’ use of social media https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/IrishSocialJournalism

Special thanks to Flirt FM http://www.flirtfm.ie
Intro/outro music is “Alone But Not Lonely” by Stefan Ternemar http://archive.org/details/mtk121
Image of Doug Engelbart from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SRI_Douglas_Engelbart_1968.jpg
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One thought on “Episode #4: 091 Heatwave

  1. Listening to the podcast I noticed that in reciting the long list of Doug Engelbart’s achievements I left out my answer to the question of why most of the media focused on his invention (along with his team) of the mouse.I originally wanted to conclude the report with the observation that Doug Engelbart developed so many technologies in a coherent and inter-relatable form, that if the mouse had not also co-emerged with all of the other massive innovations revealed at the Mother of all Demos in 1968, then there would have been an unoccupied mouse-shaped hole in the Universe that would inevitably have to have been filled by that very object at some time or another.Physically and figuratively, the mouse is object most readily familiar to most of us who use computers. (This may not be so with the iPad generation which might take an article of its own to discuss.) Therefore, it was easy for most media outlets to hang his work on a ‘hook.’ Bish, bash, bosh, and another article out the door.But this focus on the creation of one extremely useful tool does a huge disservice to the real achievement of the work that Doug Engelbart and his team did.To have the inventive, engineering skills to come up with something like a mouse is extremely clever and innovative. To come up with the an entire eco-system of technologies that necessarily infer the coming into existence of such a thing as a mouse is absolute genius.


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