C-Level Cloud Executives Converge on London for #structureeurope Summit

GigaOM is having its second annual Structure:Europe conference on the 18th and 19th of September in London. The conference features many C-level executives from top cloud computing companies, with a focus this year on federated cloud, data centres, mobile operators, privacy and trust, and open data. Some of the technologists and business leaders that will be speaking at Structure:Europe include: Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of YouSendIt; Ulf Ewaldsson, CTO of Ericsson; and Barak Regev, Head of EMEA Cloud Platform Products with Google. We are also happy to announce that we have a 25% discount on registration for Technology Voice readers.

Over two days, Structure:Europe will feature some of Europe’s leading visionaries on cloud computing and infrastructure, and will examine the seemingly unstoppable march of cloud into the global business arena, as well as what’s next for the cloud in Europe. Led by the team behind GigaOM’s Structure and Structure:Data summits, the London event presents topics specifically affecting the EMEA region.

The list of companies and organisations speaking at Structure:Europe is impressive: Libelium, Zimory, CERN, Fastly, Cloudscaling, NumberFour, OnApp, HGST/WD, Microsoft, Capgemini, ElasticHosts, Hewlett Packard, Metamarkets, Ericsson, Netflix, YouSendIt, ESA, CloudSigma, Flexiant, Pivotal/EMC, Strategic Blue, Acunu, Server Density, Dell, Google, ownCloud, UK Government’s ODI, LogMeIn, Switch, UpCloud, and Trader Media Group. What is even more remarkable is the positions of the speakers in their respective companies: CEOs, CTOs, founders and VPs. We’ve created a handy Twitter list of Structure:Europe 2013 speakers, so that you can follow the people involved in the run-up to, during, and after the Structure:Europe event. You can also keep track of the event using the #structureeurope hashtag.

But Structure:Europe isn’t just for the large corporates and multinationals. Startup Zone will highlight some of the best and the brightest startups out there, and interested companies can apply to be one of 24 Startup Zone companies that will receive a free pass, table space in the expo hall, VIP networking and mentoring, and more (entries are open until the 19th of July). 10 of the 24 will then be selected by a panel for the Startup Launchpad, presenting on stage in front of some of the biggest names in cloud computing, data, and VC funding.

Researchers and those developing future technologies will find topics of interest too. One emerging area is in the intersection between the Internet of Things and cloud infrastructures, with EU projects like OpenIOT led by Professor Manfred Hauswirth at DERI creating open source solutions for the Internet of Things and the cloud. We asked Alicia Asin, CEO and co-founder of Libelium, and one of the speakers at Structure:Europe, about how she sees the vast amounts of data coming from sensors and the Internet of Things affecting cloud computing / storage, and what role does Europe have to play.

“With data coming from millions of sensors, the challenge in cloud computing will be not just storing the data (that is not exciting at all!) but transforming the data into useful information”, said Alicia. “It is the responsibility of Europe to make such data an instrument of transparency for all its citizens. If Smart Cities are linked to Open Data, they will become real tools for fostering transparency.”

If you’re a player in the cloud computing and infrastructure space in Ireland or elsewhere in Europe, Structure:Europe should be an essential event on your calendar.

Readers of Technology Voice can use this link to save 25% on registration – http://structureeurope2013.eventbrite.com/?discount=TECHVOICE – or just use promotional code “TECHVOICE” at registration. For further questions, please email the GigaOM team.

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