Episode #1: Hello World

Hosts: John Breslin, Marie Boran, Fergal Gallagher and Tom Murphy.

Drop in laptop sales, app industry growth, alternative smartphones, ALISON online learning, Google Glass, OUYA, Bitcoin, Facebook Home, GetHealth, newsle, and more.

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Running time: 1:00:00

00:28 Introduction by John Breslin @johnbreslin
01:18 Marie Boran @pixievondust
02:20 Fergal Gallagher @gallagherfergal
03:12 Tom Murphy @tom_murphy
–:– Ads
04:41 StreamGlider http://streamglider.com/
–:– Seevl http://seevl.net/
–:– Topical news
05:25 Drop in laptop sales http://gigaom.com/2013/04/10/the-pc-market-is-a-horror-show-right-now/
09:15 App industry growth http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57372623-93/study-credits-app-economy-with-500000-u.s-jobs/
–:– Discussion centered on the failure of Windows 8 launch to support laptop sales
–:– Alternative smartphones
14:16 Geeksphone http://www.geeksphone.com/
15:15 Fairphone http://www.fairphone.com/
15:46 Irish smartphones https://technologyvoice.com/2013/03/25/an-irish-smartphone-why-not
19:40 Interview with Mike Feerick, CEO of ALISON http://alison.com/
31:48 Listener’s questions from Lisa in Dublin
–:– Please send your own questions and suggestions to editor@technologyvoice.com
32:03 What’s most exciting about Google Glass? http://www.google.com/glass/start/
38:51 How will OUYA kill off the traditional games console? http://www.ouya.tv/
42:01 Cool tech
42:14 Bitcoin https://technologyvoice.com/2011/06/09/bitcoin-global-decentralized-currency-with-no-central-bank
45:28 Facebook Home https://www.facebook.com/home
48:58 GetHealth http://gethealthapp.com/
51:07 newsle http://newsle.com/
54:02 Upcoming events
–:– Dubstarts http://dubstarts.com/
–:– European Technology Summit http://www.itcork.ie/index.cfm?page=events&eventId=314
–:– Rails Girls Galway http://railsgirls.com/galway

Special thanks to Flirt FM http://www.flirtfm.ie
Intro/outro music is “Alone But Not Lonely” by Stefan Ternemar http://archive.org/details/mtk121
Queries and suggestions to editor@technologyvoice.com
Visit our website at http://technologyvoice.com
Follow us on Twitter @technologyvoice http://twitter.com/technologyvoice

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