Technology Voice Launching New Podcast

We are pleased to announce that we are putting together our very first podcast for Technology Voice. We hope it is going to be the first of many monthly broadcasts focusing on tech in general and the Irish tech sector in particular. Despite the financial havoc of the last few years, the Irish tech sector has shown itself to be robust, profitable and a major source of job creation. We believe it deserves to be talked about and discussed in greater depth.

Writing articles and blogs will still be the main focus of our endeavours here but there are some stories that simply lend themselves better to the spoken word. More so if the spoken word is part of a wider conversation.

John: Hosting our conversation will be John Breslin, publisher and owner of Technology Voice. (That’s him in the picture above.) Amongst many other things he was co-founder of and is co-founder of StreamGlider.

Marie: Also participating is Marie Boran, PhD candidate at the Social Software Unit, Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). She is also a part-time science/tech journalist.

Fergal: Joining them is Fergal Gallagher, journalist and social media researcher. He is also at DERI.

You will probably, on occasion, hear me in the background doing producery things like rattling tea-cups and kicking printers.

We will be discussing mainstream topical events both in Ireland and in Silicon Valley. We will also bring to your attention developments of significance that may not have been otherwise widely reported.

But we don’t want it to be just disembodied, disconnected voices spouting forth in a studio. To prevent that we would hugely appreciate questions and suggestions for themes for discussion on all things tech and social media to be submitted to us. No prizes, sorry about that!

We will have guests as the shows progress. Some will be discussing their product or project with the view that others may learn from their experience. Others will cover aspects of doing business that are important to all innovators and entrepreneurs such as legal, finance and general commercial issues.

Be sure to look out for the podcast which will we will be posting on iTunes, etc., in early April.

(But we will be letting you know nearer the time anyway.)

We hope that you can join us in this new project and we look forward to receiving your questions and suggestions.

Please email us at

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