Soundbusting at The End of Time

“Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid”-Frank Zappa

If the world hasn’t ended and you still find yourself still alive on this particular evening then you might want to celebrate your good fortune in the company of the people responsible for some of the most innovative music apps in Ireland or, indeed, anywhere else.

Away from the nutty notions of the end of times protagonists and their nonsenical baloney concerning the Mayan Calendar Damien Joyce has organised Soundbusting. An opportunity to hear some great sounds, some great talks and some great live music from ImYourVinyl.

It builds on the success of last September’s Cloudbusting which had 258 attendees.
A day full of talks at GMIT was followed by an evening session of socialising and music in downtown Galway.

Damien says he is, “Trying to use the momentum that we got from that event and continue on. If it goes well then I’ll do one in the games area called Gamesbusting.” By preserving and developing the theme and brand Damien also has plans for a Databusting event as well.

On the evening itself, Cormac Staunton will be playing a DJ set to welcome people. Then there will be an hour of ‘lightening talks’ from people working on the cusp of engineering and art. The intersection where data analytics, music discovery algorithms, startups, app developers, musicians and lovers of both music and technology meet.

Some of those taking part are:

Breaking Tunes

– An online portal for emerging Irish talent.


– For music analytics and sharing


– For music discovery

– Matching user generated concert footage with high quality music, thereby enhancing the experience.


– makers of eye-controlled apps

GIRT Mobile

– Developers of Grab Radio

Live music will be from ImYourVinyl and the MC for the evening is the writer Olaf Tyaransen.

The theme of the evening is very much about how discovering, sharing and experiencing music can, through technology be brought together.

According to Damien, “Anybody who loves music, loves discovering music. If they find a new tune or a new band they want to share it. And with music analytics people can know their friends are listening to.”

Electric Garden
38 Abbeygate Street Upper 

, Ireland

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM

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