Ireland Ranked 10th in Study of Web’s Use, Utility and Impact [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ireland was ranked 10th out of 61 countries analysed in the World Wide Web Foundation’s “Web Index” published today. The Web Index is a ranking of the political, economic and social impact of the Web on people in developed or developing nations. In the European region, Ireland was ranked 6th, ahead of France and Germany. At Technology Voice, we have produced some infographics showing Ireland’s place in this index.

This first picture shows the main contributors towards Ireland’s high ranking. Economic impact was highest. Our political impact and communications readiness received lower scores, but political impact had a higher weighting.

Ireland’s place in this scatter plot shows how we may need to improve communications readiness for a higher proportion of web users.

Ireland was ranked top in terms of economic impact of the Web. This score assessed the utility of the Web and its impact on business and the economy. Our ICT service exports as a percentage of GDP were a strong factor in this, followed by good web use for agriculture.

This matrix chart shows the various top-level categories and sub-categories evaluated and Ireland’s place therein. Click here for the full version.

Finally, we compare Ireland (shown in gold) with Sweden (at the top of the index, purple), the Russian Federation (in the middle of the index, pink) and Yemen (at the bottom, green).

Infographics generated using IBM Many Eyes and these datasets.

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