Online Marketing in Galway: Initial Gathering

A number of individuals from different businesses around Galway who specialize in marketing both traditional and online will gather at The Harbour Hotel on Tuesday, April 24, at 7pm, for the first meetup of Online Marketing in Galway (OMiG.) The purpose of the meeting is to create structure for enabling participants and supporters of OMiG to provide seminars in which knowledge and expertise can be shared.

Maricka Burke Keogh, Founder of OMiG, says, “We hope to come out of this with an agreement to create seminars that we arrange for people around Galway — free of charge.”

For this initial event Maricka is hoping that people with expertise in various aspects of marketing will come to see how they could share their knowledge. Ideally, this would be by means of writing articles and conducting seminars for the benefit of business owners and operators who would not normally have either the budget for or know-how take advantage of the skills of a marketing professional such as small retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and so on

“It will not be too formal,” Maricka says, “But we will have an agenda and at the end of the hour my plan is to have agreed who is doing what seminar and when. At the beginning I will describe what Online Marketing in Galway is all about and why I started it off. Then I will talk about why I would like them to be involved and why they should be involved. Then we can agree upon who is taking ownership of different areas.

“I know there are a lot of networks out there but this is quite a niche network. It is also a very, very relevant network.

“I’m not in the business of selling courses. To me, it is about exercising our own online media knowledge, swapping that knowledge with others and get that out to small groups of businesses.”

However, the seminars and courses are not the point of the OMiG project. Maricka says she is a firm believer in, “Learning by doing.” She intends to have OMiG as a continuous presence on the Galway business landscape. “People will make mistakes. It is trial and error. But they can come back again for refresher courses and their experience will grow.”

Then, perhaps, in the spirit of creating a virtuous circle, those who benefit now or in the near future can in turn help others that come after them.

People who have already confirmed that they will be attending:

Gary Mullin NUIG
Eric Hennelly Flanagan Six Degrees
Inga Turcan OnePage CRM
Bernie Browne Market IT
Salvatore McDonagh
Sean Rowland Harbour Hotel
Tara Dalrymple Busy Lizzie
David McGinley MSC Strategic Marketing at NUI Galway
Phil Stubbs PR Social Media Services
Geoff Kinsella
Tara O’ Connell The Galway Advertiser
Kevin Donohue Kingfisher NUIG
Ollie Walsh micromarketing
Padraic O Maille Professional Training & coachng

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