FeedHenry: Cloud Based Mobile Application System

Any organisation, large or small, has to deal with the management, coordination and updating of numerous applications on a myriad of platforms. Not only does this involve a great many hours of monitoring and maintenance which is costly enough but the inherent insecurity of handling data in this manner can lead to catastrophic consequences should confidential information and data vital to secure operation of the system be mishandled.

A solution to this problem would be a single source code base which developers and client alike can work with and on. It would be a single cross-platform development environment thus voiding the need to write and update their app a multiplicity of times for multiple platforms.

FeedHenry based in Waterford and with offices in Massachusetts, USA, has just such a solution with its Mobile Application Platform. Apps can now be developed using standard web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. A file is then generated which can be downloaded in the appropriate format for the various operating systems and devices.

Cathal McGloin CEO of FeedHenry, says that, “Demand for mobile application development and management solutions has exploded as businesses of all types and sizes recognize the importance of mobile apps in driving business success.”

Organizations are now starting to realise that it is both possible and advantageous to build their own apps for its own employees and clients that could work along the lines of something like the Apple’s iTunes store.

FeedHenry already has over 2,000 customers (including developers) and just recently they announced an exclusive partnership with Telefónica Digital — one of the top five telecommunications companies in the world which has itself, almost 300 million customers.

FeedHenry have come a long way since our first interview with them just under a year ago. There are at present 30 employees and that is expected to grow to between 50 and 55 over the course of this year. According to Cathal, “We see quite a bit of growth this year. We plan to increase our revenues by 3x to 4x over last year.”

There are also moves underway to expand into the American market. “In the US we have launched an offering to the healthcare sector in the form of a compliance solution. That means the data sits encrypted in the cloud itself as opposed to being in a data compliant data-centre.

“That has been very well-received. We have a number of hospital organizations, insurance providers building app solutions today. We are also working with some of the cloud technology vendors to partner with them so they can bring our solution to market.”

FeedHenry has emerged from of one of Ireland’s most successful research facilities. The original research was done at ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, part of the Waterford Institute of Technology and also home to the TSSG. Cathal says that, “The people who came with us from the research centre have been amazing. They know their subject inside out.”

But he also observes that good ideas are not enough by themselves, “The research is all about the ideas but it is ultimately about how you apply them — then you need to start dealing with business problems. As a research project it was a cloud-based delivery service that we then applied to the mobile world.”

There is more to be heard from FeedHenry shortly. At the upcoming NodeJam in San Francisco. FeedHenry’s CTO, Mícheál  Ó Foghlú, will be speaking and the intention at the conference is to release new code which they will then be open sourcing.

2 thoughts on “FeedHenry: Cloud Based Mobile Application System

  1. Hi Paul, this is from the press release on the FeedHenry site http://feedhenry.com/category/… “Under the exclusive agreement, O2 will be the only communications provider in the UK to provide a route to market for the FeedHenry Mobile Application Platform, which allows apps to be developed in standard web technologies – such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS – and deployed across all major mobile devices with a single click.  O2 will act as a one-stop-shop for the service, managing the contractual and billing relationship with the customer.”


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