Online Marketing Galway: A Community Resource

“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two — and only two — basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”Peter Drucker

If we leave innovation aside for the purposes of this article it is clear that a business lives or dies on its ability to create customers and make a profit from that activity. Since this is so apparently the case then a very important question arises: If marketing is so crucial to the existence of a business then why do so many businesses fail to give it the attention it deserves?

We mostly write about tech companies which are largely led by those trained in one or more of the engineering disciplines or have either a computer science or computer programming background. Most of these people have been trained and are equipped with mindsets that centre around incremental, iterative, step by step, logical and quantifiable processes.

Marketing, looked at from the angle of the tech-entrepreneur, can seem like a a quilted tapestry of guess work, exhortations and mysterious incantations that are conspicuously lacking in anything substantive, either conceptually or physically, to grab on to and manipulate in any useful way.

Marketers, in too many cases, don’t help themselves very much by seeming to speak fluent jargon and making far too free and liberal use of the all-time mass murderer of meaning – bizspeak.

What is a business owner to do? Huge amounts of effort and time and have gone into innovating and developing a product but they still have to find an efficient way to get their product into the hands of a paying customer.

Many small businesses and startups, with their restricted budgets, choose to run counter to Drucker’s dictum in viewing marketing as a cost and a liability rather than an essential and core part of the business process.

However, help may be at hand. A new initiative to help inform businesses about marketing and the processes involved has just been started by Maricka Keogh Burke with the assistance of Eimear O’Brien.

They have setup Online Marketing Galway (OMG.) Maricka says her objective is to gather, “…a group of people with similar interests within the West of Ireland and Galway area for online marketing.

Maricka is an Ex-Googler who now works in Galway as a Senior Online Marketing Executive with a local company. She started OMG as she wanted a place, “Where we can share online knowledge.

“I would love to meet more people who are involved with the mobile side of things. I would love to meet more people with the email side of things as well. I see online marketing as an umbrella and there are so many segments underneath that.

“The more and more people get involved, the more and more we can share and take advantage of each other’s knowledge (without giving away competitive information.”)

There are a great many small businesses in the Galway area operating in the conventional consumer areas as well as tech. Most have little or no marketing experience nor do they have easy access to trusted sources for information on strategy and tactics. This leaves them in a postion where their only option is to react to opportunities and challenges on an ad hoc basis. This is not a tenable way of doing business over the medium or long term.

Maricka’s solution for these companies lies in the answer to the question, “Why not have a place they can come to?”

In the process they will inevitably engage with some of the fundamental preconceptions that many have about marketing.

“People think we do very fluffy work but the online side of marketing is very analytical. What I work with is hard stats and we make decisions based on those stats.

“Marketing is about promoting awareness of the company but there’s no point in having a brilliant website, absolutely stunning ads and everything that goes along with it if the product isn’t great.”

OMG offers the opportunity for users and contributors to gain more knowledge which they will be able to apply to their own circumstances. According to Maricka, OMG, “…is a place to share your experiences. It is a place where if you are keeping up to date with online marketing.

“My ideal scenario is that I’d love to get someone involved in every section [of the site.] They can show how good they are. They can show their expertise. They can promote their own businesses as well but only if they do something good for community.”

Although OMG and Maricka are Galway based, through the magic of the internet people can come share and contribute from wherever they maybe. They can do so by following these links:

Main site: Online Marketing Galway
Facebook: Online Marketing in Galway
Linkedin: Online Marketing in Galway

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