F.lux releases iOS app

Earlier this year, we featured f.lux, a free program which adjusts the warmth of your computer’s display to correlate with the light conditions outside.

The program has been widely hailed as a Godsend by millions of users who stare into their computer screens long after the sun has set, which according to medical studies, can have a disruptive effect on sleep patterns.

One question we asked Lorna Herf at the time was, “When can we expect to see an iPhone or iPad app?” A question echoed by many of the million-plus users of the desktop application. Unfortunately, the app store prohibits certain apps, such as those which make use of background processing, one of f.lux’s key features.

Although iPhones and iPads can adjust their brightness automatically using their ambient light sensors, this does not adjust the warmth of the light, and this warmer, bluer light can still delay the production of melatonin, vital to inducing sleepiness.

“We’d love to be in the Apple app store, but because we run automatically in the background, with the current app restrictions, we’d never be able to. Here’s hoping one day,” says Lorna.

“It unfortunately requires jailbreaking to install for the time being, but if you do have a jailbroken device, it’s so nice.

“We’re really excited to be saving people from glowing blue inside dark pubs or restaurants!”

The reaction from users so far has been very positive, and Lorna and Michael have even been contacted by users who have jailbroken their iPhones just to install the app.

Anyone with a jailbroken iOS device can download f.lux for free through Cydia.

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