John Ryan Becomes Chairman of Mcor Technologies

Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world — the Matrix 300 — today announced the appointment of a new chairman. John Ryan, co-Founder of Macrovision, now Rovi Corporation – a NASDAQ-listed company employing over 2,000 people worldwide, with a market value of $5 billion.

John Ryan retired as chairman of Macrovision in 2008 and is now a managing partner in the Wilde Angels Investment Fund which has recently made a $1 million investment in Mcor.

Mcor, founded in 2005 by brothers Dr. Conor MacCormack and Fintan MacCormack, has developed a printer that produces 3-Dimensional objects using A4 reams of paper, at a cost of up to 60 times less than competitors’ products. In addition it is a truly eco-friendly product, its only waste being re-cyclable paper, while competitors’ products generate toxic by-products.

Mcor’s expansion plans involve moving to a bigger premises within the next 6 weeks, “With a growing staff we need a bigger facility and a proper demo site for the increasing number of visitors we get from around the world. And now with this investment and team secured, Mcor will finally be able capitalise on the opportunities the US market can offer,” said Dr. MacCormack.

John Ryan is looking forward to helping Conor and his team build a valuable enterprise and says, “Mcor has developed a truly world-class product, which is a great tribute to Irish entrepreneurship and the technical skills and perseverance of the Mcor team.”

Mcor was a finalist in the Irish Technology Leadership Group’s (ITLG) company of the year awards in April. Dr. MacCormack explains, “The ITLG is an ideal investment partner for Mcor and already has brought a lot to the table; this investment gives Mcor the stable base it needs to continue to innovate while also being able to fulfil the growing Matrix order book.”

Mcor also has an office in the Irish Innovation Center in downtown San Jose, one that will double as a demo site in the coming months, ahead of its US launch.

Dr. MacCormack is delighted with this addition to the team and sees John Ryan’s involvement as, “A significant step forward for the company. He will be a real asset to the company as Mcor continues to grow and expand its business.”

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