2 thoughts on “Limerick and the Doughnut Effect: Need to Learn Lessons from US Cities [VIDEO]

  1. the city fathers have fooked the city over for years on end. no city centre cinema, no proper dedicated theatre/concert venue. a weir built at huge cost which is of little benefit to majority of public. toytown driven through what should have been a listed building(cruises hotel). the lack of diversification in pubs. years of compound neglect on housing estates. no incentivisation for city centre business. claims of a riverside city with no access to parts of riverside. city dead by 5.30 p.m. homogeneity strangling life out of city in that performers who tour dublin,cork, galway most of the time dont bother with limerick. when compared to a place like kilkenny who punch well above their weight in terms of established festivals, limerick you’re malady.


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