Rich Moran: How to Create Irish Entrepreneurs pt 3 — Tell me a Story

The Irish know how to tell a story. It’s a big reason why the country “punches above its weight”. Stories about snakes and princesses and Vikings and everything green, we have built a country that is beloved because we know how to tell stories in writing or at the pub. The gift of gab, the blarney is real. Tell me another country who is renowned for storytelling… Russia? Germany? Iceland?

The saw can cut both ways. Depending on who is listening, the stories are charming and magical or dark and morose or just plain bullshit. Either way, there are plenty of stories and plenty of story tellers.

My favorite times in Ireland are spent listening to stories and when I return to the US I always have my own stories to tell.

Why is it then, that entrepreneurs in Ireland have a hard time telling their story? Why is it that so many get tongue tied when trying to describe what they are trying to create and the opportunity that is so important to fulfill?

The important ingredient in story telling that entrepreneurs need to capture is not different than any children’s book. There is a beginning, a middle and an end and the parts go something like this:

Beginning: “Once upon a time.” Instead of talking about castles, the entrepreneur’s story should be about the opportunity and the market.

Critical moment: “One day…” Usually when the witch shows up or the duckling turns into a swan. Instead of wicked wolves, the entrepreneur needs to discuss what the new company will do, will fix, will solve, and most of all, will disrupt.

Finally: “And they lived happily everafter.” Instead of a rainbow, the entrepreneur needs to show dollar signs.

Remember too that good stories can be short.

It’s that simple and already part of the DNA. Irish entrepreneurs need to build on the story telling ability and weave it into the fabric of creating and building companies.

You can read more about the The Combat of Ferdiad and Cuchulain by clicking on the image above.
Banner image is a close up of the entrance stone at Newgrange.

2 thoughts on “Rich Moran: How to Create Irish Entrepreneurs pt 3 — Tell me a Story

  1. Absolutely agree with this. When I was out with customers as a sales engineer, our “story” went:1. Here’s the problem (the biz)2. Here’s how we solve the problem (the tech)3. Here’s how much better things are when the problem is solved (better biz)


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