New Opportunities at

With the imminent departure of one of‘s founders, Ruairí McKiernan, a new direction will inevitably forged at the national charity which works, “to empower young people to create personal and social change.”

In a recent blog entitled, “Time for the next Adventure” Ruairí says:

“The most important part of our success is that we are succeeding in reaching and engaging young people and winning their trust, time, interest and support. Our hits are growing all the time (now averaging 600,000+ website visits per year), and the services we provide (signposting to help services, a vast bank of regularly updated youth health and lifestyle information, a youth media publishing platform, popular Facebook, Twitter and moderated forums…) are all providing important and mainly unique services to Ireland´s huge youth population.”

In a previous article that we published, A Highly Effective Use Of Facebook For Increasing Awareness, we showed how has been particularly successful at leveraging modern social network technologies that young people actively use.

With an imaginative use of the medium over four months in 2010 they boosted their Facebook followers from 400 to 12,000.

Ruairí says, “The burning motivation for me was that at the height of the Celtic Tiger, seeing that the sole emphasis was on economic development, development, development. At the same time social development was going in the opposite direction. It seemed to me [to be an increase] in terms of suicide and mental health, particularly around younger people who were being developed as economic units rather than citizens. If you look around now and ask where is everyone and what are they doing and why is there no big big engagement, it’s because the investment was to bring people into the corporate world. Which is fair enough but it needs to be balanced with social development.”

If you are interested in leading on from where Ruairí has left off then you can apply for the job as Director of here.

From Technology Voice we wish Ruairí all the best in the future and look forward to seeing what he gets up to next.

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