Infographic: State of the Internet

State of the Internet 2011

Source: Online Schools

Apart from some rather mind-boggling statistics presented in a very effective way there are a number of interesting takeaways to be had from this infographic.

Although the internet is growing at a phenomenal rate it is not growing at an equal rate across the globe. In some places expansion is inhibited by lack of resources and infrastructure. In other places direct human intervention is holding back the tide.

The former issue may well be resolved before the latter but even so it will be some time before internet growth can be said to be stable or even predictable.

What is intriguing is that there is now no way of even beginning to comprehend these figures easily without the art and craft that it takes to produce a decent infographic.

Trying to discern meaning from columns of figures on a spreadsheet or even a simple pie or bar chart can be so much harder than deriving information from the representative form of the infographic.

Alongside the growth of the internet will be the growth of the infographicist — a profession devoted to making data meaningful and useful.

Thanks to Candice Parkson for bringing it to our attention.

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