Mcor Technologies Scaling up with Investment from Wilde Angels Fund

Mcor Technologies has recently received a $1 million investment from the Wilde Angels investment fund. They are an angel investment fund headed up by John Hartnett, President of the Irish Technology Leadership Group and includes investors from Cisco, Apple and Intel amongst others.

Conor MacCormack is one of the founders of Mcor Technologies which is based in Ardee, County Louth which is just a short drive north of Dublin. Conor, along with his brother Fintan, had always wanted to create something.

“We were always going to make something. A physical object was going to come out of it. We always had this idea that we wanted to make a change. If people could walk in off the street and have their object printed up that would be brilliant.

Traditional 3D printing is very expensive. “We not only wanted to make a machine, we wanted to make a difference.”

The key to making 3D printing accessible to the general public is in the use of A4 sheets of paper layered upon each other and sculpted by the machine.

“We thought that getting a 3D printer to work with A4 sheets of paper would be a brilliant idea.”
That decision presented its own challenges as they had to be able to glue the layers together without blistering the paper. As additional advantage to this process is that the glue used is non-toxic and completely safe to both use and to dispose.

“We are expanding and getting bigger and bigger and this [Wilde Angels] investment will enable us to really scale up and to grow to the potential that we think this market can grow to. We’ve had a global demand for our product for a long time but we couldn’t really service that.”

Software is a crucial aspect to Mcor’s work but with a machine that has over 1,800 parts the evident downside to manufacturing is that it takes time.

“What kept us going is that when we came out with the concept of the machine in 2008 was having that big hit on our website.” When they released some information on their ongoing work on to the internet they had over 2 million hits in ten days and had to switch to a bigger web hosting service.

“Up until that point it had all been in our own heads but until you test the market you don’t really know. But after that we realised a lot of people share in what we believe and that is what drove us on to get this machine working. People are going to want to use it.

“The fact that we are selling all over the place already and we are just a small organisation means that we really are global right out of the block.”

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