Dublin Proclaims June 30 Social Media Day

Andrew Montague on his first day as Lord Mayor of Dublin welcomes John Hartnett, President of the Irish Technology Leadership Group.

The Lord Mayor issued a proclamation declaring June 30 as Social Media Day for the City of Dublin making it the first city in Europe to do so.

At the Irish Innovation Center over 200 people are gathering to celebrate the proclamation of Social Media Day by the city of San Jose.

At the event opening remarks will be made by Tom McEnery, former City Mayor, author, businessman and John Stanton, ITLG Executive Director & President of The Irish Innovation Center.

There will be a panel Moderated by Richard Moran, venture capitalist, author and evangelist for organization effectiveness.

Even if it is not possible for you to attend you can still participate online by registering at the ITLG website.

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