Yahoo Joins ITLG Panel for Social Media Day

Dr Elizabeth Churchill is a Principal Research Scientist and manager of the Internet Experiences group at Yahoo! Research.

What makes this Social Media Day event special?

Historic event: The City of San Jose will officially proclaim June 30th as Social Media Day at the Irish Innovation Center.

Global participation via Tweets, video streams, Flickr photo sharing and more.

Videos and posts via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will connect you with the ITLG network and the audience worldwide.

Program highlights: Opening Remarks by Tom McEnery, former City Mayor, author, businessman and John Stanton, ITLG Executive Director & President of The Irish Innovation Center.

Proclamation by City of San Jose Councilman Sam Liccardo.

Panel Moderator: Richard Moran, venture capitalist, author and evangelist for organization effectiveness.

Diverse panel of entrepreneurs and social media experts:

  • Fergus Hurley, founder of Focal Labs and Clixtr, featured in TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and winner of the 2010 CES Mobile App Showdown
  • Charles J. Orlando, author, relationship expert and Facebook personality nearing 500,000 fans
  • Philo Northrup, Co-founder of enVie Interactive and publisher of VIE, a new brand of social game that’s a casual MMO
  • Kevin Spier of Bunchball, leader of “Gamification” technology used by companies such as ABC, NBC, Playboy, HP, Comcast, Warner Brothers, Nestle and other top brands driving consumer activity

We would love to have you join us and help us spread the word:

Twitter hashtag: #SJSMday

2 thoughts on “Yahoo Joins ITLG Panel for Social Media Day

  1. Can I ‘pitch’ live at the event from little Northern Ireland -I am a fantastic guy and a truly marvellous ‘Pitcher!’ if all are agreeable then ‘Let the games commence!’


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