Tom McEnery: Ireland after President Obama’s Visit [VIDEO]

“The Irish must assist themselves in looking to their friends and their relatives in the Irish Diaspora to build a real eco-system of venture capital. To help assure that the young and bright people of Ireland do not have to go to other places around the globe as we have done historically to succeed.”

Tom McEnery

Main banner picture: Patrick Sarsfield 1660 -1693

3 thoughts on “Tom McEnery: Ireland after President Obama’s Visit [VIDEO]

  1. We hear you Tom.Some good points,  well here is my reaching out to the Irish Diaspora in San Jose/USA.  I want R8YourPolitician USA( + apps) , R8YourGovernor( + apps), R8YourCouncillor ( + apps)  and R8YourSenator ( + apps) to go live in the US.  I need US Partners , I need US Politicians on board endorsing their profiles and I would really like to exchange some shares for capital to get things moving.America is streets ahead in using the Internet for campaigning and engaging within the democratic process & there is a lot more people to target than Ireland. Also the amount of money dropped in the US during political campaigns is huge compared to Ireland.  I want some of that revenue for my company & share holders.Any Irish diaspora out there that can bring a US Politician on board, a US Angel or Venture Capital firm on board or link me up with relevant US partners to execute can get me @patricklismore:twitter 


  2. Tom McEnery,Irish American, Former Mayor of San Jose, Irish Historian and Silicon Valley icon would make a great Irish President – it is time for change and to have an Irish American President!!! 


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