Redeem&Get: Help Handling Group Offers

Redeem&Get is an Irish start up which helps businesses manage their online group offers, allowing them to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their business, as well as incorporating other services such as survey-taking and gathering of customer contact information for use in marketing campaigns or newsletters.

Redeem&Get only started in January of this year, but is the product of years of work across different sectors by those involved, according to CEO Gene Murphy. Gene worked in media publishing and events, in diverse fields from publishing online health and beauty magazines, to developing online sales platforms for seminars.

During that time he, “kept meeting and bumping into different people, asking them questions about different things. And it kind of solidified a really good working group of people to be able to call up.”

Among those people are Redeem&Get co-founder and CTO Jade O’ Connor and CIO Adrian McMahon, who are part of the team he credits with, “putting in two days every day of the week” until 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday last, when he proudly proclaims, “a new application was born— Redeem&Get”.

It all began when Gene and his team ran an online marketing campaign for a client in January. the client was running a group offer, so Gene and his team created a, “dedicated landing page” where these group offers could be checked in. They then ran a survey of these customers as an added service to the client, “a very loose arrangement,” recalls Gene.

“From when we made the decision on this, within two to three days we had launched a marketing website, we had set up our social media, we had started a timeline for our business and we rapidly developed this service.”

The fledgling business soon attracted interest from other merchants, and four weeks after its inception, the company had secured its first round of investment.

Group offers are a huge market right now, but can be daunting for many small businesses, who need the extra custom but fear that they cannot handle the administration involved.

“When that group offer goes live on a Monday, for example, and everyone gets their vouchers on a Tuesday, there’s no reason to say that a thousand people won’t call your business at the same time, on the same day. They don’t know each other, they’re just consumers, consuming a service,” offers Gene by way of an example.

“They’re traditional small-medium enterprises, they’re owner-operator business, group offers give them a huge potential for marketing and sales. Nonetheless, they don’t have a huge amount of time to dedicate, they don’t have resources like marketing teams or administrators to manage this, so we wanted to make a complicated process very simple.”

The idea behind Redeem&Get is that the burden of management of the excess business generated by these offers is taken away from the merchant, who can concentrate on the running of their business, and broaden their marketing base in the process. This ensures, for example, that block bookings don’t leave regular customers discommoded.

“A group offer that does not run properly can affect a business in a huge manner. There are positives and negatives to it. We feel that using our service de-risks that to a good point.”

The merchant need only click and sign up to avail of this service. “There are lots of different options they can set up, but there’s four core ones. Once they’ve filled those out, they publish it, and they’ve got a unique Redeem&Get address that they send their customers to.”

Gene thinks that the group offer market is, “one of the hottest markets out there”. Redeem&Get will not, however, go down the route of actually offering group offers. “We won’t ever offer daily deals. That’s not in our future. It’s a market that’s starting to fracture into lots of niches.”

“There’s an ecosystem which has developed where other companies can work and supply services to that, which is fascinating.”

“I think at the moment that there’s so much competition in the group-offer market that some companies have said to us that they’re looking at ways to add value for their merchants to retain them. I think we do that.

“I mean, in certain instances we’ve taken the burden of customer service away from group offer companies, we’ve made it easier for the merchant. So it’s an easier-going experience. I think we do benefit a range of people. Really the simplest way to look at us is that we’re a management tool.”

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