Airpos Opens Office in Silicon Valley

Airpos has announced that it is moving on from releasing beta versions of its product to making it fully available to the public and it now has a brand new portal to its site. Airpos was one of the companies showcased at the 4th Annual Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG) Awards Ceremony which took place at Stanford University in April.

Martin Neill is the Founder of Airpos and he discussed in a previous Technology Voice article how his cloud-based technology helps provide a better service for vendors at their point of sale.

In addition to the new site Airpos is planning to open an office in San Jose in mid-June this year. Martin explains further, “It is do with the adoption of our product and it is to do with relationships with other companies. We have a good relationship with PayPal that we want to build upon and we have a good relationship with eBay that we are starting to form.

“We can keep the engineering base in Belfast but we feel that we have to have a presence in the US to give us a chance of achieving the scale we want to get.”

Martin feels that the Irish Tecnology Leadership Group played a fundamental role in this process. “The ITLG provides a network to all sorts of opportunity. It has been a gateway to all of this for us.”

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