3D Paper Printing Innovators to Establish US Base in San Jose

We were delighted to hear that recent ITLG award nominees and all-around nice people at Mcor Technologies are opening their first US office at the Irish Innovation Center in San Jose.

Citing our previous interview with Conor MacCormack from Mcor Technologies, TIME magazine’s “Techland” blog also published an article covering Mcor’s 3D paper printing.

“You’ve heard of 3D printing? Printers that can replicate in all three dimensions any reasonably complex 3D object you’ve conjured in your head?”, asked Matt Peckham from TIME. “The materials necessary to feed the machines tend to be pricey. Enter paper. I don’t mean specialty paper, but the ordinary sort you can pick up at the office supply store down the street.”

When we spoke to Conor in March, he also talked about Mcor’s desire to “tap into the expertise of the people at the Irish Innovation Center”, and how they needed to have a foothold in the American market. With their new office in the Valley, it seems that Mcor Technologies are now extremely well placed to do so.

Disclaimer: The Irish Innovation Center is an investor in the Technology Voice.

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