NUI Galway Campus Company And Technology Publisher To Set Up Second Office In Silicon Valley

After less than a year in operation on the NUI Galway campus, the Technology Voice – a daily publisher of articles on innovative and emerging technologies – has announced that it will open a second office in Silicon Valley in partnership with the Irish Innovation Center (IIC) in San Jose. Technology Voice aims to create a ‘news bridge’ between its headquarters in Galway and its new office in the US.

Technology Voice’s coverage of innovative and emerging technologies is reflected in its five main newsfeeds: Video; Mobile; Business; Technology; and Social Media.

According to founder John Breslin, who is a lecturer in electronic engineering at NUI Galway: “The main aim of the Technology Voice is to cover emergent technologies and share new, innovative ideas with an audience interested in learning what future trends to think about and how they might be affected by them. We’re very excited to work with the Irish Innovation Center in San Jose since they are ideally placed in Silicon Valley and are extremely well connected to the heart of the tech universe.”

Technology Voice writer Tom Murphy says: “Technologies that are sometimes obscure and difficult to decipher are explained in such a manner that an average reader can explain the essential ideas with ease to a third party not familiar with the area: to their boss, co-worker, friend, and so on. Natural areas of activity are innovations and ideas emerging from large companies such as Cisco and HP, as well as the bubbling undercurrents of start-ups and early-stage ventures.”

John Hartnett, the founder of the Irish Innovation Center and also of the Irish Technology Leadership Group (ITLG), says: “We are delighted that the Technology Voice will launch its US base in the IIC on April 5th at our yearly ITLG/Irish Times Silicon Valley Awards. We have been working with the Technology Voice in the run up to the awards on the Irish America ‘Silicon Valley 50’ magazine, recognising the top Irish American tech executives in the Valley and also profiling various Irish technology companies of note.”

With its origins in Ireland, one goal of Technology Voice is to promote Irish technology wherever possible, in the belief that Irish companies and entrepreneurs are on the same footing as other international contributors when it comes to technology, business and innovation.

Some of the tech leaders interviewed on Technology Voice during its first six months include: Carlos Dominguez (Cisco); Dylan Collins (Jolt Online); Andrew Parish (Wavebob); Nova Spivack (Live Matrix); Bernardo Huberman (HP Labs); and Iain MacDonald (SkillPages).

A varied set of topics are covered on Technology Voice, including: pervasive computing and mobile networking; how to measure influence on Twitter; similarities between neurons and social networks; robots learning from their environments; and solar technologies for harvesting light.

About the Technology Voice

Technology Voice started producing daily articles in July 2010. The team behind the Technology Voice is John Breslin and Tom Murphy.

John Breslin: A lecturer and researcher at NUI Galway, John is also co-founder of Ltd. – Ireland’s largest community website with over two million visitors per month. John started as a computer games forum in 1998. John is also co-founder of StreamGlider, Inc. StreamGlider is a breakthrough iPad app for tracking personal interests.

Tom Murphy: Tom is a producer and cameraperson with over 20 years experience filming in many different environments throughout the world, specializing in current affairs and documentaries with ABC Nightline, CBS, and many more. He is an award-winning journalist, and has received the George Polk Award for his secret filming in Burma during the Saffron Revolution.

About the Irish Innovation Center

The Irish Innovation Center is the Silicon Valley launch pad for Irish technology companies. From San Jose, California – the capital of Silicon Valley – companies can rapidly accelerate their growth by taking advantage of the extensive services available from the IIC. The IIC provides an environment for like-minded entrepreneurs to gain access to venture firms, bankers, customers, suppliers and employees that will enable their companies to grow and flourish. Within the IIC flexible office space, reception, administrative, legal, financial, human resource, and IT support services are all available to resident companies.

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