Learning From Yapta

It has often been said that “the market defines you”. That is, you can do all the PR and advertising you want to become something else, but the market will define you in ways that are embedded in perceptions and, believe it or not, the truth.

For Ireland, the market has defined it for hundreds of years, and it is a good position. I just received this note from travel site Yapta. I like Yapta and I use it all the time. Take a look at how they define Ireland through words like: beauty, culture, history and finally, inspiration. Yapta knows what will sell Ireland.

For those of us who are trying to work in and assist the Irish economy we need to find a new set of words. The words I hear all the time are flat, negative, emigration and “someone opened an office” somewhere in the country. We need to continue to work on perceptions of how the market has defined our economy so that to hear are words like innovation, entrepreneurship, company building and talent; and not from those who are preaching to the choir.

Maybe we can learn from Yapta.

4 thoughts on “Learning From Yapta

  1. why would you start a company in this country when the government reap the rewards ! something had to put in place to help small start up companies first, like no rates for a start tax breaks etc………..!!


  2. Great post. Ireland as a nation and a people need to banish negatvity to history and move forward with positivity and a belief that we can and will recover. We have a huge amount going for us and that needs to be acknowledged and promoted more. More YAPTA type commentary please!


  3. You would start up a company in this country because you belive that you have a valid business proposition. Yes the government needs to make a lot of changes to support small business but at the end of the day it is you that will drive your business to success and you can’t use the government policy as a reason not to progress. If you currently have a businness idea, best of luck, hope it goes well for you.


  4. Joe – try starting a company in any other country in the world and you’ll see why you’d start on in Ireland.It is most likely that your company will not turn a profit for the first year or more, you won’t need to worry about paying tax as a company. If you engage in R&D activities in Ireland, the government now gives you a tax break on the costs associated. We have the lowest Corporation Tax rate in Europe, and one of the lowest in the world.I started my own company in 2002, we now employ just under 30 people. We’re profitable and growing strong (as are many Irish Software Companies). This year we’re also incorporating in the US, and kicking off a San Jose office.We’ve had a huge amount of assistance over the years from Enterprise Ireland, as investors and facilitators of business (introductions, advice, office space, etc.).Ireland really is a great country to do business in and from. My biggest gripe is that we have no direct flight to San Francisco or San Jose any more – thanks to some genius in Aer Lingus cancelling it 18 months ago…


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