Technology Voice: An Introduction

Hi all,

As many of you may have noticed, we have been going through a process of rebranding over the last week – transforming our identity from to Technology Voice.

There were numerous reasons for doing this, and here are just a couple:

  • Timing: Our readership has been growing steadily, and it was felt that if it was left any longer that it might be too disruptive for too many people.
  • The name: Social media is still one of our major focuses, and there is still much to learn from the activity in that space. However, we were becoming increasingly aware that more and more of our articles – while still focusing on new and emergent technologies – did not always include as much of a social media aspect or angle that one would expect from a publication with a title like Technology Voice.

So, instead of trying to force our stories to contain a social media aspect (which it may well contain, but not be totally germane to the narrative), we decided to find a name that reflects the sort of material that a reader would expect to find our pages.

Hence, Technology Voice. We post stories about new technologies that are coming over the horizon and that may not be necessarily with us yet, but that we think people should be aware of and know about.

We have broken up this remit into five separate classifications: Business, Mobile, Technology, Video, and, of course, Social Media. You can still read all of our stories in the main newsfeed, but you can also check out the channels that are closest to your own interests as well. Hopefully, in the spirit of curiosity, you will check out adjacent channels as well.

We realise change can be disruptive and it can take a little while to familiarise yourself with the unfamiliar, but we hope you like what we have done, and ultimately it will make having Technology Voice as part of your information intake more enjoyable.


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