Paddy Cosgrave Talks about Dublin Web Summit [VIDEO]

The next event of the Dublin Web Summit series takes place on the 8th of March. They are being held roughly every four months to reflect the need to stay current with the rapidly changing tech environment.

Previous speakers from overseas have included Jack Dorsey, Chad Hurley, Dave McClure amongst others. Irish speakers in the past have included Iain McDonald from Skillpages (formerly Weedle), Kirstie McDermott and Darragh Doyle.

In the video Paddy elaborates further on the need for the Dublin Web Summit or something like it. He also provides more information on the following points.

  • More on the need for the events to be frequent
  • Providing space for the tech community to come together
  • Opportunities for networking
  • The possibility to learn new things
  • Because of the ongoing changes in the political climate this event will be more focused on how Ireland can enhance its position in the global tech sector
  • A brief explanation of how further events in the DWS series will work over the coming year
  • Announcement of the first speaker for the March event

The inaugural session begins at 5pm on March 8th and you can find more details about speakers as they are announced at the site for the Dublin Web Summit. You can also purchase your tickets there as well.

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