Hackquarium: Using Sugru to Create, Repair and Enhance the World Around Us

Yesterday, 091 Labs hosted a Hackquarium at their hackerspace in Galway. As discussed in a previous article, ”Sugru:A Wonder Stuff for Hacking Things Better,” Sugru is a malleable and mouldable silicone material that can be used for creating, repairing and enhancing all sorts of objects.

Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, the inventor of Sugru (from the Irish word ag súgradh which means playing,) sent over a box of sachets containing the material to 091 Labs so that people could come along, learn about it and create with it.

The video accompanying this article shows highlights from the workshop. Holders were made for drawing tablets, earhooks were amended to make ear buds more comfortable and a crack in a mobile phone was repaired. Artwork was also created. A keyholder was sculpted as well as flowers and a snowman.

There was clearly a learning curve in being able to handle the material but that did not deter the participants. Despite, as a group, not being well-practiced sculptors and modelers most became very engrossed in the creative possibilities of using such a wonder material.

3 thoughts on “Hackquarium: Using Sugru to Create, Repair and Enhance the World Around Us

  1. Great stuff! Unfortunately missed the event due to the wonderful weather, but had to try it myself and the stuff was dispatched today to east Galway. Would love to hear how the inventor went about this, from the moment she had the idea, until it became available. Truly inspiring!


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