Ignite Galway: Inspiration, Information and Entertainment

Ignite Galway is a simple format; thirteen speakers will speak for five minutes each on a topic of their choice. It is intended to be a fun evening designed to enter and perform and be free of any kind of product pitching. According to Adrian Avendano, “The basic concept is to get people together from completely different backgrounds and avenues of knowledge to share a powerful idea in five minutes. We are trying to get as wide ranging and as varied speakers as possible.”

Beyond the functional purpose of helping to get a bit of cash into the kitty for 091 Labs the aim of the event is to share powerful ideas from a diverse group of people. The aim is to do that by getting as many interesting people as possible in one room.

Adrian sums it up like this, “The three elements of Ignite will be Inspiration, entertainment, information. We are trying to get a group of speakers who will inform you, inspire you and entertain you – all three!”

Why should people brave the cold and turn out for something like this?

“The answer is quite simple – it’s the experience. When you go to this event, it is not like you watch an isolated talk for five minutes and then another one for another five minutes. It’s really about being in the space where you are surrounded by interesting people.

“You get into the whole experience and it accentuates what you learn from the people you are going to meet. It’s really about totally immersing yourself into the experience of having thirteen people talk on a wide range of topics and meet other interesting people who are there. People who attend should expect to have a really fun, interesting, informative night.”

The last event of this kind had about a hundred and thirty people turn up. The speakers for this event are:

Mark Congiusta: Cisco’s R&D labs, “The User Experience of Christmas.”

Iain MacLaren: Astrophysicist & Director of the Centre for
Excellence in Learning & Teaching, “Turn off the Lights!”

Pat Comer: Filmmaker and the man responsible for the incredible images that are displayed on the sides of some of Galway’s buildings.

Emma Creighton: Interactive designer and designs social games with arduinos.

Jack Kinsella: Entrepreneur who set up a magazine in Bolivia, talking
about the statistics behind facebook.

Micah Herstand: Entrepreneur at DERI, “Relationships Matter: What’s Important on the Web, in the Web, and to the Web.”

Ed O’Toole: Philosopher at NUIG. Writer of papers on psychosis, and
empathy & socialisation -“Myth & War in the Western Tradition.”

Kevin: Artist at 091Labs, talking about open data>

Julien: Runs Super8 films in Galway Filmmaker Artists.

Yoshimi: On `MOTTAINAI`- the Japanese word means `respect life of
things` / `use totally` / `no waste`. (Galway sushi restaurant owner.)

Gerald Flynn:  Fractology – The Reality Of Imaginary Patterns.

James Gallagher: Cycling and Galway.

Ruby Wallis: Visual Artist – exhibit, Tulca Visual Arts Festival.

The important bits:

Date: 10th December
Time: 7pm
Entrance: €5.00

There will be beanbags for your seating comfort and refreshments will be available.

2 thoughts on “Ignite Galway: Inspiration, Information and Entertainment

  1. Just for edits, Micah will be talking about “Relationships Matter: What’s Important on the Web, in the Web, and to the Web” and its on at 7pm!!!


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