Tweak: An Exhibition of Digital Artists and Interactive Designers

Tweak is taking place in Limerick at the moment and it goes on until the 24th of September. The exhibition celebrates contemporary art mediums such as computer coding, creative recycling, rewired sound sculptures and electronic art installations.

There are workshops for people with all levels of prorgamming skill. There are off-site exhibitions at other venues in Limerick in addition to the main one at the Church Gallery Space at the Limerick School of Art and Design. There is a Tweak Cinema event showing the best of contemporary films, both live action and animation which is on Saturday the 18th. There are live performances, a culture night, and a party to round it all off on Saturday the 25th. There is so much going on that we urge you to visit the site and check the listings for yourself. There is something there for everyone. I am hoping to get back to see the twitter powered model cars in “Hard Driving.”

This is the third Tweak for Nora O’Murchu, the creative designer and curator of the event. She explained the thinking behind starting Tweak, “There is this emerging practice of artists who are appropriating technology for artistic and creative means and a lot more people were getting interested in it but there was nothing that supported that or reflected that at the time. Even though there is a very high density of engineering, IT and science based industries and talent in Ireland.”

With her background in interactive design she saw the need to create a space where it could be shown how ideas and technology have come together and could come together and create new, interesting possibilities.

Planning for Tweak is pretty much a year long affair with work beginning on the next one as soon as the last one is finished. As well as a broad range of locally raised Irish talent being represented there is a strong contingent of international artists from such diverse places as the UK, Korea and the U.S. There are also artists coming from France and Germany plus a couple of Canadian artists as well.

But for Nora the focus is on the audience, “The festival relies very heavily on audience participation. Audience engagement is a crucial thing for me. It is the first and foremost thing that comes into my mind. So when I am putting the programme together and selecting the artists I always try and look at what the experience would be for the person who is looking at the exhibition [and] In terms of designing the workshop and the events that go with the festival as well.

‘If they are going to the talks, how are they going to experience it. What way can they influence it or what way they can participate as well. I am focused very strongly on audience engagement. That’s the key thing for me when actually coming to design the festival.”

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