Live Matrix: The Guide To What’s When On The Web

In the same way that TV Guide allows you to find the programmes you want to see on television without having to take pot luck or by constantly having to channel surf, Live Matrix offers to show you “what’s when on the Web.”

Nova Spivack, who has featured on Technology Voice before, had the idea when he kept finding out about events that he would have wanted to see or participate in only after they had already taken place. He thought that many other internet users may have experienced this as well.

In an announcement on his personal site he says, “Google, Yahoo and Bing all focus on what I call the “space dimension” of the Web — they help you find what’s where — where is the best page about topic x? — But they don’t help you find out what’s when — what’s happening now, what’s coming next. They only help you find out what’s already finished and done with. How do you find out what’s happening now? How do you know what’s upcoming?”

Live Matrix helps to answer those questions by acting as a guide for all scheduled events on the Web including:

  • Live online video webcasts
  • Audio webcasts
  • Time-limited sales, offers, and auctions
  • Events in virtual worlds
  • Scheduled gaming events
  • Tournaments and contests

Live Matrix has been in private invite beta for the last three months, and although this a public launch it is still in beta and feedback is welcomed. However, in that brief time period in areas like shopping, Live Matrix has already become the most comprehensive single source for what’s on
 sale when, across the leading private sale and auction sites.

Sanjay Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Live Matrix says, “We believe that the Scheduled Web is the natural progression from the real-time Web and that Live Matrix is uniquely valuable to consumers, event providers, online publishers and
advertisers alike.”

You can familiarise yourself with Live Matrix and how it works by watching this screencast.

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