Dave Marash Comes to NUI Galway

Dave Marash is coming to Galway, and he is going to speak in the Guest Speaker series of talks for the MA in Journalism programme at NUI Galway on 21 September at 12 PM. The location is at the Siobhan McKenna Theatre (link to map) in the Arts Millennium Building of the University. Anyone can come and if they are in the area or if is convenient for them to make a trip to Galway, then they should. They will be in for a treat.

Dave has been one of the leading journalists in American television over a career that has spanned nearly four decades. Here is a clip from one of his more recent shows featuring how his CBS counterpart Barry Petersen is coping with the diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s in his wife Jan.

Click on image for video.

For over sixteen years, Dave worked at ABC News on Nightline, a highly-influential nightly current affairs programme. In his time there, he covered major stories that took him to such places as the Former Yugoslavia, Sudan, Honduras and Northern Ireland. By way of a disclaimer I know this to be true as I accompanied him on some these trips working in my old job as a cameraperson.

Dave Marash attracted considerable attention when he joined Al Jazeera English (AJE) to become the network’s Washington DC anchor. Due to various ill perceptions of the channel’s output, AJE has no major cable or satellite distribution deal in the United States but it is available on the Web. It was a significant move for such a high profile journalist as Dave Marash. It demonstrates his willingness to engage with the story-telling process as he sees fit and be guided by his own moral compass.

His talk is entitled “The Religion of Journalism: Our God is Reality – What’s There?” Even though he has shared a thought or two with me on the subject, I am as intrigued as anybody else as to how the content is going to play out. I do know that it is going to be erudite, knowledgable, authoritative, and, knowing Dave, probably very entertaining as well.

This talk in the Guest Speaker series is being sponsored by Technology Voice.

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