Six Month Review

Connemara, County Galway.

Tomorrow, it will be six months since I wrote my first article for Technology Voice. The Winter Olympics had just closed and I felt that NBC – by treating social media as a billboard with a multitude of bells and whistles – had missed the opportunity for real engagement which is what this medium is all about.

This ‘not getting it’ by individuals and corporations alike turned out to be a major theme in many of the fifty-five articles I have written since then. My favourite, since you asked, is a very early article called “Galway Is A Mini San Francisco“. It set the tone of what was to come in terms of accuracy and in the sense that we are all about; people doing new, creative things – particularly in Ireland but elsewhere too.

We, John Breslin owner and publisher of Technology Voice, and myself, now have a new tagline; “Navigating New Horizons”. Our eyes are firmly set on what is possible. We avoid futurology as the imminent and doable seem so much more interesting. We hope that by following our interests in seeking and figuring out new ideas, innovations and approaches, you will feel that you are being shown something of interest and relevance for yourselves. An ideal article should leave you feeling that you would like to give it a go yourself, and to hell with it, you just might. That’s what ambition looks like around here.

The summer is winding down, people have returned from their holidays, the children are back at school and there is a general feeling of being refreshed and ready for new challenges – and so it is with us.

The next six months look exceedingly interesting. There is a lot of work being done in the federated social web space, and by the end of September we should see the results of the Social Web Acid Test project. Owners of platforms with walled gardens are going to have to do some fundamental rethinking. Facebook is very big, but, as was pointed out on a number of occasions at BlogTalk 2010, even with its hundreds of millions of users, it is tiny compared to the rest of the Internet which in turn is growing at a faster rate than Facebook.

It may be too early to make the call for the “iPad effect” but if it isn’t you heard it here first. It is clear that apps could well be the very effective workaround for the ghastly internet bottleneck that is a modern web browser. We have already talked about this in an article called “The Collective Brain App“.

There are exciting times ahead and we would very much like to share what we are finding out by building and extending the community around Technology Voice. But we would like to it in an organic, friendly, non-intrusive way. We realise that what we do is not for everyone, and we have no desire to push anything into anybody’s face. There is enough noise out there and we have no desire to add to the decibel level.

By the same token we would like to share the things that excite and interest us with others who in turn would be excited and interested. So, here is what we would like to do. We would like to know what sort of things you like and what sort of things you would like us to cover or write more about.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to reach out to you in various ways to try
and establish a clearer picture of where your interests lie. If you are up for joining in the odd crowdsourcing experiment or two, then that would be just great.

Thanks to everybody for all the comments, retweets and status updates. They never fail to be a delight to see. We hope that the next six months will be as interesting and fun, if not more, as those we have just had and we hope you choose to come along for the ride and see where it goes.

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