The Web Is Not Dead: It Is Full of Apps (Soon)

Wired did a great job in their latest report “The Web Is Dead. Long Live The Internet“. A lot of the focus is on the growth of apps which we have written about before in “The Collective Brain App“, which talks about the potential for apps to elicit change in such a manner as to emulate a giant global brain.

In Wednesday’s article on the Synaptic Web, we again touch upon the importance of apps and concur with Wired’s assessment that they will play a major part in the future development of the Web.

However, looking at the graph that graces the Wired report, I have to say I am surprised by the growth of video on the Web. I had not expected it to be that much. I know television is very popular as is watching movies, but compared to social networking sites, watching videos seems such a passive, time-consuming activity.

I had thought of the Internet as an antidote to TV, not the TV experience by other means. Of course, the size of the pipes had been responsible for video really taking off, but with broadband becoming faster and faster, pumping large video files through downloads and streaming is also becoming more rapid.

In a part of Sweden, it is now possible to download a movie on a 40 Gbps connection in less than two seconds.

If this keeps on, we are going to end up with TVs with a computer attached in the same way we now have pocket-sized mobile computers with a phone in there somewhere.

The other surprising piece of evidence, to me at least considering the volume of e-mail I receive, is the decline both in volume and numbers of e-mail. It could mean one of two things: either the people who write to me haven’t got the message that e-mail is in decline, or video, peer-to-peer, web-based platforms and apps have become so incredibly huge in proportion. I suspect it is the latter.

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