Social Games Publisher Zynga To Set Up A Base In Ireland

Zynga, a prominent “casual games” company that develops games for social networking websites such as Facebook and MySpace, has announced that it will establish a base in Ireland shortly. Zynga is best known for its FarmVille and Mafia Wars games.

According to reports in the Irish Independent today, Shernaz Daver from Zynga’s corporate communications division confirmed that the company is in the process of setting up an Irish base. This follows on from the opening of Zynga’s first non-US base in Bangalore, India last month.

“We are expanding our operations into Ireland and will have more to talk about later,” Daver said, declining to elaborate further on Zynga’s precise plans for the Irish base.

It was not stated where in Ireland this new Zynga base will be located, but given the online gaming hub currently being established in Dublin through the presence of PopCap Games, Jolt Online Gaming, Demonware, etc.), and the presence of Facebook’s EMEA headquarters in the city, Ireland’s capital is the most likely choice.

(Coincidentally, I had been asking on Twitter just last week if Zynga had any plans to establish an office in Ireland.)

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