Social media can make you happy…

I posted a message on Twitter about half an hour ago saying that I was feeling down. I refrained from saying I was depressed as I really didn’t want to alarm anyone and I knew it wasn’t serious, but almost immediately I had four messages asking what was up (both publicly and privately on Twitter and one via Skype).

Sometimes very small annoyances can build up to something that feels greater and can lead to you just “feeling down”. Some idiot cut down the bushes behind our house at lunchtime (violating our privacy and savaging the ivy from our side of the wall in the process) without asking or thinking about the effect; I got a rejection letter for something I had applied for; I’m despairing at further attempts to have our Wikipedia article deleted by disgruntled users; I have a few too many things “to do” at work; and, yes, it is a bit drizzly today. But anyway, I was amazed at the rapid response to my cry, and realised (once again) the power of social media to get support (via something like microblogs) and to get stuff off your chest (by using this blog post). Yay for social media!

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