Inaugural DataPortability steering group teleconference

I participated in the first teleconference for the DataPortability steering group this morning (at the unearthly hour of 6 AM GMT!) and am glad to say that we had a productive session with participation from an interesting mix of developers, companies, academics, evangelists, researchers and practitioners. Here is the audio recording of the teleconference from J. Trent Adams:

(Edit: If the above link is playing at “chipmunk” speed, try these other versions below. It’s a bug in the Flash media player.)

(Edit: I also recorded a “DataPortability and me” video today!)

One thought on “Inaugural DataPortability steering group teleconference

  1. Very interesting, John … thanks for posting this.

    While I see some horse and cart issues around scope, the energy seems strong, and Chris is doing a sterling job of keeping things moving regardless… lil’ ozzie battler!

    Am looking forward to a concise consensus on the mission, and the next steps … not to metion a peek at Confluence in action.



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