Seesmic pre-alpha release

20071122a.png (Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I was attending some conferences for the past two weeks, and I will post links to my reports soon.)

As originally rumoured on Scobleizer and announced on TechCrunch recently, Loic Le Meur‘s newest startup called “Seesmic” is a microvlogging service in the style of sites like Twitter (such that it is being referred to as “the video Twitter”).

Dennis Howlett of ZDnet has written a nice overview of Seesmic which makes the important point that if a picture is worth a thousand words (and a video contains many thousands of pictures), then Seesmic is quite different to Twitter in terms of expressivity and what can be conveyed through even a short video message (when compared to 140 characters).

I tried out Seesmic this morning, and quite liked the simple but intuitive interface for creating content and viewing videos (from the public or from friends). The skin is a little bit “gamesy”, but I’m sure this will be customisable very soon. With an emphasis on using your webcam for creating microvlogs and uploading of short .FLV files, I expect that the gallery of videos shown on the left-hand side will soon benefit or suffer from an imaginative usage of video filters, in-shot props or other attractive techniques to garner people’s attention and clicks.

What is also interesting is that Seesmic has decided to adopt our SIOC ontology as one of their “open platform” formats (along with FOAF and DC). In fact, I like their description of SIOC better than anything I’ve managed to come up with so far: “SIOC is an open data format for community description”. Thanks!

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