“Product 2.0” competition on the Web 2.0 Expo blog…

The Web 2.0 Expo blog recently launched a “Product 2.0” competition for free tickets to any of the forthcoming Web 2.0 Expo events. Here are my entries:

20071105a.png Broc.co.li is the healthy green vegetable you will WANT to eat! Our Broc.co.li heads contain powerful nanites that can target the mouth’s taste buds and provide a variety of flavours including chocolate, ice cream and steak. (Only available through mass quantity pre-order at our website http://broc.co.li where you can view the most popular flavours and suppliers in your area.)

20071105b.png Are you tired of looking at your own boring life through your own eyes or a battered set of glasses? If so, then you should try out gla.ss.es 2.0, incorporating our new “Social Spectating” (TM) functionality. Simply put on the glasses, select the friends menu using the iris pinpoint focuser, and choose a friend to switch to their glasses view. Don’t worry, you can still interact in your own world if you want to – your friend’s world can be shown in various levels of transparency (up to fully opaque) as per your preferences. Visit our website at http://gla.ss.es where you can choose from a range of frames and lens sizes.

20071105c.png The stapler has been with us since the 1700s, but never before has anyone attempted to make use of the social connections that are formed through this tiny metal object. Now, with staplr (beta), your staple connects you via wireless RFID technology to whoever is currently in the possession of the stapled documents. You can view a mashup of your staples on our site showing where they are around the world and who you are now connected to! Never has stapling been so interesting. Signup now at http://staplr.com/ and we will bind you…

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