Eco Treadsetters: Yokohama Tyre Corp. gets ‘traction’ with Pringo SNS

20071101a.png In the niche SNS area, Yokohama Tyre Corporation recently implemented the Pringo white-label SNS solution for their “online presence and green marketing initiative” called Eco Treadsetters.

LA-based marketing agency PCGCampbell built the site using Pringo so that Yokohama consumers across the US could communicate with each other, create and navigate custom profiles, form sub-communities, and submit their environmental projects via the Eco Treadsetters site.

Gary Hall, president of Pringo, claims: “As the only provider of both hosted and non-hosted social media solutions, while also offering a complete Internet consultancy, Pringo is a preferred choice among businesses looking to strengthen online branding.” Pringo also provides a third-party tracking system and traffic monetisation features through their service. Their customer base includes media outlets, corporations and marketing agencies such as, CBS Radio and ePharma.

One thought on “Eco Treadsetters: Yokohama Tyre Corp. gets ‘traction’ with Pringo SNS

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