Twine in invite-only beta

20071019a.jpg At the 2007 Web 2.0 Summit today, Radar Networks are officially announcing the invite-only beta version of Twine, a new service that uses the power of Semantic Web to enable an intelligent way of sharing, organising and finding information.

During today’s 4 PM panel (that also features Powerset’s Barney Pell, Metaweb’s Daniel Hillis and Web 2.0 authority Tim O’Reilly), Radar Networks founder and CEO Nova Spivack will give the first public preview of Twine. According to Spivack, Twine will be “one of the first examples of ‘Web 3.0’ in which the Web begins to function more like a database, and software grows more intelligent and helpful”.

The press release is here. As soon as my beta invite comes through, I’ll let you know more.

One thought on “Twine in invite-only beta

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