ThinkWeb20: a ratings directory for Web 2.0 sites

20071017a.png There has been some blog comment ‘promotional marketing’ going on for a new directory specifically for Web 2.0 sites called “Think Web 2.0” (due to the language used on the site, I believe it may be from France, but the WHOIS shows a private registration).

The site allows users to submit sites to the directory, to vote for sites, to comment and tag sites in the directory (in true Web 2.0 fashion!), and there is also a facility to list RSS feeds associated with these sites. Users can see newly-submitted sites and can browse sites by tag, rating, or by page rank.

I’m not sure how (well) the voting process works as there seems to be a few sites that have received a LOT of votes in comparison to others (namely Zimbra, Blurb and In total, there are 884 sites in the directory, which is split into ten categories.

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