Social networking services for enterprise use

Here are some interesting links I’ve come across in the past few days related to social networks and their applications in enterprise / business scenarios.

The water cooler is now on the Web

The expanding world of social networking

Social networking: a time waster or the next big thing in collaboration?

Social networks may become interoperable

Business faces up to social networks

Harvard prof. envisions Enterprise 2.0 web services,289142,sid26_gci1276012,00.html

34 more ways to build your own social network

Bosses warm up to social networking on company time

One thought on “Social networking services for enterprise use

  1. […] There has been some blog comment ‘promotional marketing’ going on for a new directory specifically for Web 2.0 sites called “Think Web 2.0″ (due to the language used on the site, I believe it may be from France, but the WHOIS shows a private registration). The site allows users to submit sites to the directory, […] Social networking services for enterprise use […]


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